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The Artists

At David & David Studio, we work with many artists to create unique collections. By scrolling down this page, you can put a face to their art and their name. Each has their own unique world and we are happy to introduce them to you. You will learn a little more about their history and background. This way, you will be able to appreciate all their creations to the fullest. We attach great importance to promoting the new talents of tomorrow, but also to helping you rediscover established artists. We invite you to travel through their works and their biographies to discover the world, differently, through their eyes.

Flora et Philippe David


From an early age, Thao Courtial discovered new countries and cultures. From these early experiences, she has kept a fascination for the unknown. She lives each trip as an opportunity: to take the time to develop her imagination and stimulate her senses.

It is first of all painting that educates her eye and gives her a passion for images and composition. Vilhelm Hammershoi and Edward Hopper inspire her in her obsessive quest for light.

More than a place or a subject, it is the ephemeral and the irreversibility of time that she seeks to capture through her photographic approach. Her photographs invite the viewer to slow down and contemplate.

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Julien Caretti

From Grenoble to Lyon, Julien Caretti trained in oil painting, illustration and engraving.

Working in these great mediums has shaped the way he sees and interacts with the world. In search of balance, he plays with composition and lines of force, the ebb and flow of curves, and the raw power that colour can have.

There is only one word for harmony, and yet a thousand ways to represent it. Sometimes it is found where we least expect it.

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Laurence David

Laurence David was trained at the fine arts school in Lyon. She started with watercolour, then oil and acrylic painting, and in recent years has devoted herself to photography.

For her, creation is first and foremost a work of the mind: it doesn't matter what technique she uses as long as she manages to recreate the image from her head. Her work today, between photography, digital print and painting, is the fruit of her artistic evolution and her accumulated experiences.

The plant world plays a major role in her work, which is often hybrid. We also find a taste for raw textures and organic materials, as well as the play of transparencies and overlays.

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Pauline Le Rolland

Tirelessly travelling the globe in search of beauty, Pauline Le Rolland is a self-taught, multilingual photographer who has lived on 4 continents.
Drawing inspiration from her nomadic lifestyle, she captures colourful, dreamlike images that encourage the viewer to escape
idealized world where beauty, harmony and serenity reign supreme.

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Paola Hirou

Paola Hirou was trained in illustration at the Emile Cohl School in Lyon. There she acquired a basic knowledge of traditional drawing and experimented with a variety of techniques and mediums such as painting, sculpture and digital drawing.

Today she has developed a more graphic and refined way of drawing, using digital flat tints or gouache. She pays particular attention to colour, reducing her palette to a few shades.

Having grown up in the mountains, she later developed a passion for the ocean and began to represent it more and more in her illustrations. Nature is her main source of inspiration and she takes pleasure in retranscribing an atmosphere through the representation of landscapes.

During her first collaboration with David & David Studio she developed a collection of cheerful, graphic and colourful posters for children. In 2022, the "Bronzette" collection was born, celebrating the summer period, its aquatic activities and its gentle idleness.

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Roro Mawouane

Romane Lefebvre, her real name, has been drawing since childhood. It was during her years of study in illustration that Roro discovered that she loves working with colours and the emotions they give off.

Today, Roro has written, illustrated and published two albums for young people, the first of which was her final year work at the ESA Saint Luc in Liège.

In addition to publishing for children, she also works on all kinds of projects, such as illustrations for magazines, murals or illustrations for puzzles, etc.

Her main sources of inspiration are her own emotions, but above all she wants to spread joy with bright colours and dynamic compositions. She is also inspired by landscapes or the world of summer, which is her favourite season, as well as small moments of life that she can observe in everyday life.

Her illustration series for David & David Studio transports us into her offbeat world of saturated colours, featuring funny animals and fantastical landscapes.

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Adeline Waeles

Passionate about nature since her childhood, Adeline Waeles is inspired to create unique and delicate visual experiences by observing the living around her. Fauna, flora or the beauty of humans are all subjects that are represented in her illustrations and designs.

She graduated from the Condé School in Lyon with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and it was during her studies that she developed a taste for her favourite colours, which are both bright and delicate, almost dreamlike. We also find in her works a taste for the organic and the simplicity, with creations all in curves in flat coloured assumed.

Adeline Waeles' vision of a gentle and generous nature is intended to raise awareness of its beauty and fragility at a time when it is increasingly threatened.

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Akira Saito

Born in 1991 in Fréjus, Cedric Hayabusa has been passionate about images since his childhood, whether through films or video games, he has a very cinematic idea of everyday scenes.

Moved by a trip to Japan in 2019, it is a setting that becomes a constant, whether in the middle of Tokyo, in the streets of old Hong Kong or during a thousand-year-old pilgrimage in the Japanese Alps.

As an observer of the spectacle of life, he wanders the streets in search of a singular moment to capture. A hunter of moments, he turns each framing into a cinematographic drama by treating his subjects as elements of scenery to be orchestrated through the prism of the lens of his camera.

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Catherine Bailly-Cazenave

Catherine Bailly-Cazenave is an author and photographer with a keen interest in art and images in all their forms.

During her many trips to the United States, she has documented a certain nostalgic America, due in part to her chromatic approach.She likes to capture vernacular American landscapes, revealing the banal and the ordinary by sublimating them.
Composition and geometry are also at the heart of her work, applied to architecture and minimalist urban contexts.If she likes to purify, she also likes to deconstruct landscapes through fragments to play with the lines and colours of which they are composed.

These timeless photographs, with their palette of luminous pastel colours, explore a sunny side of the American dream, combining nature and culture in framings that give pride of place to the purity of form.
Her motto is "Less Is More".

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Marie Dehayes

Marie Dehayes is a French photographer who seeks to sublimate the unsuspected beauty in the simplicity of nature - and particularly the oceans - in a soothing, serene aesthetic.

Trained at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, she then explored the facets of graphic design before returning to her first love, photography.

For her, creating art is a deeply personal and expressive journey, driven by the desire to encapsulate emotions, stories and perspectives in visually captivating forms.
In sharing her vision, she aspires to invite people to immerse themselves in unique narratives and interpretations.

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Baptiste Baland

Baptiste's eye for framing and image composition was first forged by drawing and comic strips.

His first camera, was given to him for his 10th birthday. But the young photographer soon began 'borrowing' digital cameras left unattended at family dinners.
A few years later, two friends with a passion for photography introduced Baptiste to landscape photography, particularly during the "heure bleue" long break.
It was when he fell in love with a British woman that he discovered the wonderful landscapes of the United Kingdom and the northern countries.
From then on, this passion would punctuate his family holidays and weekends, even the rainiest ones.

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Philippe Vitry

Philippe Vitry

Philippe Vitry is a French fashion photographer whose sophisticated world is imbued with a sweet nostalgia. His solitary characters are inscribed in outdated and timeless places. Stuck in the wait for this impossible return, they bear witness to rare and fleeting apparitions of beauty.
In his series The Lonely State, presented by David & David Studio, the photographer takes us on a random journey through a disillusioned America, where the American dream seems never to have been fully realised. Desert landscapes, abandoned wreckage... as if an unprecedented catastrophe had suddenly buried all human presence, leaving as the only trace of our passage old machines, witnesses of a past glory.

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Carol M. Highsmith

Carol M. Highsmith

Carol M. Highsmith is an American photographer who has been photographing America for 42 years. She attended the Corcoran School of the Arts & Design in Washington, D.C. Inspired by Frances Benjamin Johnston, a pioneer of women's photography, and Dorothea Lange, she has made it her mission to capture the soul of her country and document its times.

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Marta Rossignol

Marta Rossignol is a Swiss-Spanish author and photographer living in Bordeaux.

Passionate about travelling, she explores the world to meet others and draws her inspiration from the spiritual places of the planet, India, Tibet, Japan, Korea, Egypt, Israel, Peru, Easter Island. She has produced striking reports on the Amish communities, Hindu rites in Varanasi, a mysterious market in Madagascar, the Christians of Ethiopia...

Her sensitive and poetic approach to photography transports us into an authentic, creative and singular humanist universe.

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François Guénet

After studying between Paris and London, notably at the Royal College of Art, François Guénet travelled alone at a very young age, and began photojournalism at the age of 20 during the battle of the big hotels in Beirut, then left by car for 14 months on "The Road" from Paris to Kathmandu.

From then on, he travelled the world in his quest for the Other and Elsewhere for magazines such as Géo, Paris-Match and Figaro Magazine, for which he interviewed some thirty heads of state. As a specialist in reports on Art and Civilizations, he became Jean Nouvel's collaborator to elaborate the museographic proposal and the scenography of the Musée du Quai Branly.

Today he divides his time between photojournalism, visual storytelling and corporate work, and is working on the development of his photo archives.

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