Line Art

For a minimalist, contemporary and elegant style, choose line art. A must in the field of illustration, discover the works of our studio. Surf the trend by adopting Line Art in your interior.

Composition feuillages N.3 Composition feuillages N.3 à partir de 39,00 €
Composition feuillages N.2 Composition feuillages N.2 à partir de 39,00 €
Composition feuillages N.1 Composition feuillages N.1 à partir de 39,00 €
La table à manger La table à manger à partir de 19,90 €
L'atelier du peintre L'atelier du peintre à partir de 19,90 €
Sur la table Sur la table à partir de 19,90 €
Feuilles et vases Feuilles et vases à partir de 19,90 €
Line Art - Nu de face Line Art - Nu de face à partir de 19,90 €
Line Art - Nu de dos Line Art - Nu de dos à partir de 19,90 €
Line Art - visage carré Line Art - visage carré à partir de 19,90 €
Line Art - visage au rameau Line Art - visage au rameau à partir de 19,90 €
Line Art - visage  étroit Line Art - visage étroit à partir de 19,90 €
Le Bain Le Bain à partir de 19,90 €
Citrus Limon Citrus Limon à partir de 19,90 €
Citrus Sinensis Citrus Sinensis à partir de 19,90 €

For the most contemporary decoration, adopt our Line Art posters. With their minimalist style, they will perfectly match your interior. The Line Art illustrations in our collection highlight silhouettes and portraits with finesse and poetry.
This art form, with its delicate and elegant lines, has conquered many territories. On more or less coloured backgrounds, they will bring charm and character to your interior.

Ideal for a refined look, they can also be mixed with other styles of illustrations to create a unique atmosphere. You can create your own personal wall design by combining our Line Art posters with each other or with other image styles.
Whether displayed as a poster or simply framed, everything fits. It is on your walls that they will reveal their true beauty. With line art, you can give your home a trendy and elegant look.

With a simple black and white line, you can change your whole decoration! This timeless art will awaken your creative side,and will reconcile you with simplicity.
In a living room, an office or a bedroom, let yourself be inspired by Line Art and express your sensitivity through our art prints. There is no age to appreciate line art so let yourself be tempted for your interior decor.
Our endless lines will run through your interiors without limits, except for your walls.
For all your other pictorial art desires, you can refer to the Abstract & Illustration section.


Print on order, gallery quality,
on 230g fine art paper


FSC et certified paper
and solvent-free pigment inks

French brand French brand

Art prints printed and framed
in our studio in the south of France

Gallery shop Gallery shop

Discover our products on our corner
at the BHV / Marais in Paris

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